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Tomorrow.am - About Us

Tomorrow.am Schweizer Beratungs - und Beteiligungs AG

A modern investment and consulting firm with heritage.

Tomorrow.am shape and action business strategies, align and advance leaders and inspire teams and end customers.

We invest and consult companies through and past start-up stage, and stand alongside businesses in crisis, helping them navigate periods of change and challenge.
We have deep knowledge and decades of experience in business creation, corporate structuring, and advising companies in the field of internationalisation.

The companies we partner with secure their fullest potential and achieve their aspirations – which is only made possible by empowering their leaders and teams in fully collaborating to improve commercial performance.

Over the course of 37 years in business, we’ve come a long way – always innovating, always developing our networks and analytical process. By combining consultation, facilitated meetings, leadership overhauls, commercial workshops and assessment tools, we connect theory to practical.

With teams based around the globe, we proudly adopt an active role in idea generation and development.