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Four core investment consultancy services – for an always bespoke approach to client requirements.

Strategic guidance

Your thoughts on risk. Your financial objectives.

The strategic advisory service analyses and identifies the most suitable long term strategic asset allocation or benchmark for your investment portfolio. This is achieved through deep analysis of your goals and attitude to risk, from which we arrive at accurate projections for market returns. We ensure market volatilities are understood and considered over the coming five to ten years.

Central to the success of our advice is adopting the right strategy. Time and again, research shows that more than 90% of portfolio return relies on strategic asset allocation, while less than 10% is determined by short term asset management and stock allocation.

Investment manager review

Understand your managers’ performance

Our investment manager review helps you fully understand how your managers have and continue to perform as compared to their peers and their benchmark. Through detailed, in-depth analysis of their past performance, investment process, team and business structure, we offer concrete recommendations and guidance as to whether your managers should be maintained or replaced.

Investment manager selection

The right choice of talent.

Your portfolio relies upon the skills and insight of your investment managers – making the right choice of managers defines the future of your portfolio performance – it could be the difference between growth or loss.

Our Investment manager selection service can hand-hold you through the process – from the creation of an initial ‘long-list’, where essential information is gathered, to the ‘short list’ and onto the final selection. This service incorporates an explicit recommendation as to who should be awarded your business, and a thorough report as to why. This service also extends to include guidance on fund selection, if appropriate.


For the long-term.

Our consultancy is an elevated commitment to you – including attending investment meetings, quality performance reviews, making experts available around the clock and providing a yearly analysis as to what action should be taken in terms of changes to the strategic asset allocation or choice of investment managers.

Truly tailored investment consultancy

For needs, met, and a portfolio that fulfils its potential.
Our team are on hand:

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The team are on hand to field your questions, hear about your challenges and discuss your opportunities.
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Our investment philosophy are committed to ring fencing, protecting and growing our clients’ wealth, delivering solid returns and balancing reward with risk, as according to our clients’ direction.

We have a clear and concise investment philosophy – incorporating the five following key points…

  1. Capital preservation is of the first and foremost importance.
  2. Diversification of asset class, geography and investment manager are the three firm foundations of successfully managing risk and securing superior performance.
  3. Strategic asset allocation is developed drawing on our analytics of economic cycles, valuations, and market reaction, which can provide for added material value.
  4. An explicit preference for independent managers who specialise in only a limited number of strategies, aligned with client needs.
  5. Use of the open architecture research platform grants access to the most skilled managers.